Vicarious Ranch

The Farmstand

Why not take a drive off the beaten path. Meander along the "old sandy" and see views of the central coast that acted as a muse to Steinbeck.

The farmstand is seasonal and open most weekends from July to October

We stock the farmstand freezers with our pasture raised lamb and pork cuts.  All of our animals are butchered at a USDA facility allowing us to sell directly to you.

Several times a year we conduct workshops on things such as fermentation and pickling, tea blending, syrups, shrubs, and gardening.  Once a year we host a goat walk and picnic lunch which is very popular.

Pork and Lamb
Bath and Home

You will also find homemade soaps, lotions and other home and bath products made with goat milk, lard, beeswax and other farm sourced ingredients.

On occasion we offer baked goods, eggs, and excess produce from our gardens in the stand